Our Team

Three of our employees founded TKI in Chemnitz in 1990. We are now proudly looking back at 20 years of corporate history in which we have achieved a steady market position in the information technology industry. Our extensive list of refer­ences reveals the broad expansion of our offerings. This develop­ment was driven by our highly specialized employees, namely 80 engineers and technicians, contributing their expertise and experience to our day-to-day business. They operate in an environment that provides opport­unities to constantly develop, personally as well as professionally, and allows to unleash creativity. Students of various disciplines frequently complement our team as they gain insights into our field of operation and support projects by conducting research for academic theses.

The year 2007 marked the relocation of all employees formerly based at locations spread across the city to the new TKI headquarters on Curiestraße 19 in Chemnitz. Combining our resources under one roof has linked processes and ensured even closer collabor­ation.

In 2008 Dr. Matthias Pohler became the new head of TKI succeeding Dr. Wolf Unger, one of the founding members and innovative minds behind TKI, who retired from the company. Ever since Dr. Pohler has lead our team with a strong believe in the values of our company and a well-versed look to the challenges of the future.

Our Executive Board

Dr. Matthias Pohler majored in economic science. He has operated in the field of strategic and operative telecommunications consulting since 1999. Conducting his dissertation research on business strategies of prominent telecommunications service providers he was awarded with a doctorate degree from Dresden University of Technology in 2005. In the following year he founded a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which uses the German E-Plus network.
Dr. Pohler has continued to research within telecommunications and to publish his work ever since. His latest releases are “Long-term Technological and Economic Prospects of Telecommunications” by order of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and “Broadband Coverage in Rural Areas – a Profound Analysis” for the State Government of Saxony.

Jürgen Steinert completed an apprenticeship program on Systems Engineering and continued with studies in Engineering Cybernetics studies at Chemnitz University of Technology. He joined TKI Chemnitz as a graduated engineer in 1994.
In his current position as a project manager he is in charge of the implementation of a multiplicity of large-scale projects that TKI heads as prime contractor of renowned companies operating in the telecommunications industry.
In 2002 he assumed responsibility for the establishment and management of the Department of Software Development creating a support system for the documentation and planning of telecommunication networks.
Since 2011 he has had the position of chief technical officer of the Department Optical Fiber Networks.