Gigabit and digitization strategies
for federal states, counties and municipalities

As a modern, independent and technology-neutral service provider in the telecommunications sector, TKI has been supporting federal states, districts, cities and municipalities in all tasks relating to the design and implementation of broadband networks for more than ten years.

TKI has a team of industry experts, engineers and network planners, business economists and economists specialized in consulting services in the field of broadband infrastructures and with many years of experience in project management.

TKI offers a suitable software tool for all network life cycles, with which the specific tasks of master planning, detailed planning, construction documentation and network operation can be implemented:

  • NET Design - master planning, cost estimation, variant comparison & material list
  • NET Engineering - Rough Planning, Detailed Planning, Rescheduling, Red Correction & Construction Progress
  • NET Operations - Network Route Search, Services, Faults & Work Orders

The development of viable recommendations and the derivation of target-oriented and sustainable concepts takes into account numerous municipal, infrastructural, technical and funding aspects.

Services related to
broadband expansion

Our services for the identification of specific gigabit strategies and for the implementation of a sustainable expansion plan include:

  • Demand and availability analyses to determine the existing undersupply and feasibility studies based on these to implement an economic development.
  • Advice on the various guidelines for broadband funding and application for funding
  • Preparation, implementation and support of your (EU) procurement procedures with close involvement and regular coordination with you
  • Monitoring of the broadband expansion, project monitoring and acceptance as well as fulfilment of the obligations for monitoring, i.e. detailed proof of achievement and compliance with the purpose of the grant of the subsidies
  • Preparation of master plans for the connection of underserved areas with the design of an area-wide fiber optic network and the development concept (PON or P2P, FTTB or FTTH, co-laying or new development)