technical-economical concepts
for the housing industry

TKI has a team of industry experts, engineers, network planners and business economists who can advise you in the field of telecommunications infrastructures and have many years of experience in project management.

Our industry experts support public and private housing companies in the multi-media supply of tenants and the implementation of smart home services.

The development of sustainable recommendations and the derivation of target-oriented measures takes into account specific economic aspects and requirements. We handle all phases of engineering and strategic project development.

analysis of the actual situation

On-site stocktaking by trained technicians, positioning in the market environment, analysis of contractual relations, network assessments, expert opinions

operator models

Signal acquisition, licensing, GEMA, VG-media, copyright legal issues, ownership of infrastructure, lease model, refinancing, accounting and collection

strategy consulting

Target definitions, construction and financing models, investment estimation, network sales, licensing, signal delivery and transmission fees, operating cost allocation

award procedure

Basic evaluation, design, preparation of tender documents, drafting of contracts: Signal supply, construction, network use, implementation of the award procedure

technical concepts

Future-proof infrastructures, bandwidth requirements, Smart Home, broadband cable multimedia, Triple Play, alternative network concepts, signal sources

planning, construction supervision

Network planning and documentation with all tools introduced, construction supervision by experienced project engineers, control of plant documentation