Television signals have traditionally been transmitted by coaxial cable. This, however, requires the establishment of an entire coax network for this purpose only. TKI has expertise in avoiding this requirement. Make use of our know-how and start to transmit television signals via data networks. We will save you the time and effort of establishing a new network since existing fiber optics networks can be made use of for the solution we will offer you.

Our IPTV networks deliver a large number of different functionalities in order for you to be able to handle a multiplicity of complex tasks, e.g. central control of display boards at airports, in hospitals, hotels or shopping malls. The data base-based systems allow adjustment as appropriate to individual needs since almost the entire range of applications can be realized.

Our services comprehend:

  • Advisory concerning the selection of suitable concepts and services for a personal IPTV solution
  • Setup and startup of your IPTV network
  • Personnel training on the installed system
  • Planning and setup of a distribution network, synergetic use of existing networks
  • Setup of reception systems for signal input (Satellite, terrestrial)
  • Television in HD quality
  • IPTV Head-end
  • Digital Signage
  • Installation of equipment rooms including the integration air conditioning, fire detection and burglar alarm systems as well as emergency power systems
  • TKI has several IPTV systems available for testing and demonstration purposes