Planning ­ services for
Building automation and electrical engineering

TKI takes over the engineering services in accordance with HOAI from the planning stage, through preparation and participation in the award of the contract, to construction supervision.

TKI carries out factory neutral planning for building automation systems from the field level via the automation level to the management level.

Building automation ensures the smooth and energy-efficient operation of all operational systems. All automation functions of a building or property are processed in decentralised automation stations and networked via so-called communication protocols (e.g. LonMark, BACnet) and forwarded to a control centre.

This enables the central control, optimization, monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance management, logging and evaluation of distributed systems.

Since 1995, the Federal Armed Forces have also been one of our clients. Specially certified engineers and technicians ensure that the entire range of services, from project planning to project monitoring, project management and budget control, is implemented in a safe and reliable manner.

We integrate different trades/plants into an integrated building automation system:

  • heating
  • ventilation
  • climate
  • chill
  • hot water preparation
  • solar systems
  • lighting
  • shading
  • single-room automation
  • electrical engineering, commu­nication techno­logy
  • laboratory technique
  • consumption recording
  • energy controlling, energy manage­ment
  • integration of external systems
  • radio connections (EnOcean)

Our planning spectrum in electrical engineering comprises:

  • medium voltage systems up to 30KV
  • substations
  • low voltage systems
  • lighting systems
  • street­lighting systems
  • lightning protection systems, overvoltage protection
  • UPS and emergency power supply systems
  • access control systems
  • security technology
  • video technology