Road Transport Telematics

Overview of motorway sections designed by TKI

Telematics linked telecommunications and computer science and saves the connection of all information systems, such as emergency phones or signaling systems on our highways.

Since 1994 TKI has been providing expertise in the planning of various telecommunication cabling systems son German federal motorways, also within public private partnership projects, and collaborating closely with German motorway agencies, state offices for traffic and transportation and the project management company DEGES. Our list of references includes:

  • motorway A 14 Magdeburg - Halle
  • motorway A 4 Eisenach - Görlitz
  • motorway A 71 AD Nordharz - Schweinfurt
  • motorway A 143 Westumfahrung Halle
  • motorway A 10 Berliner Ring
  • motorway Südharzautobahn A 38 Göttingen - Halle
  • Baltic Sea Motorway A 20 Lübeck – Stettin

Telecommunications cables connect roadside emergency telephones and environmental sensor stations as well as traffic count stations, dynamic traffic and tunnel management systems and motorway communication services with the traffic control center where all components integrate into a complex telematics system.

TKI takes on conceptual and construction planning and creates tender documents as well as bills of quantities. Also, we take over construction site management, monitoring, invoice verification and guarantee tests.

Our range of planning on motorways comprehends:

  • Loaded and unloaded copper cabling systems
  • Installation, expansion and retrofit of fiber optic cabling systems
  • Establishment and equipment of combined equipment cabinets, equipment and electrical rooms
  • Motorway emergency systems and emergency telephone locations
  • Digital transmission technologies (PDH, SDH, Ethernet, MPLS)
  • Cable monitoring and telecontrol engineering
  • Analog and digital trunked radio systems, SDH directional radio
  • Intelligent truck parking systems
  • Safety measurements in case of inductive interference from high-voltage overhead lines
  • Installation of combined equipment cabinets for traffic count systems, road weather information systems RWIS, road surface ice detectors, traffic control systems, rerouting systems, WLAN, CCTV, wheel load truck scales
  • This range is comprised by services of locating, measurement and documentation of cabling systems in traditional plan books as well as in digital, GIS-based systems including the TKI developed „Network Explorer for Telecommunication NET“.