NET Build is the innovative module for the digital representation of the construction phase from the working preparation, project and field management, construction control and monitoring, right through to invoicing and documentation of the services provided.

The realisation of construction projects for telecommunications networks often involves a great deal of administrative and organisational effort. With NET Build, processes and data are managed on one platform and could be accessed and edited from any mobile device at any time.

Construction teams and construction supervisors access the same data via app directly on the construction site and manage them in the digital construction files. All construction processes are displayed in real time. A ticket system supports the coordination of tasks. Times, additional work and correspondence are stored digitally and are centrally available to everyone.

You can also find more info in our flyer about NET Build.

Selected functions
and workflows

Manage work orders

Manage and digitally distribute tasks and track construction progress in real time, including material and resource planning, budget control and accounting.

Mobile proof of employment

Construction crews receive their instructions, report the progress of construction work and record their time via app. Construction supervisors approve the construction files on any mobile device.

Integrated ticket system

The construction site and the office work together via a ticket system, the tickets are linked on the map. Photos are stored, comments attached and priorities set in real time.

A central platform for your
digital construction site

With NET Build you can keep an eye on your construction sites at any time and from anywhere. All information, plans, protocols, correspondence and tasks are managed centrally and completely digitally in NET Build. Whether from the office or in the field, the project participants always work with the same data.

Challenge Solution
Delays/costs associated with changes in planning, design and specifications Cost, Schedule & WBS linked to design
Project and partner teams struggle to align fragmented IT systems End-to-end platform that can integrate through APIs
Progress reporting across teams lags by weeks (and months) Mobile production and time reporting
Programs lack a single source of truth that all stakeholders can agree on One platform for operators, contractors and subs
Significant time and cost associated with finalizing as-builts and reconciling payables ALL Pproject files linked to designs, stored in a single platform, available from any device
Lack of geospatial awareness across program management tech stack ALL project data can be visualized on the map

Realise all tasks
mobile and with central data

Without media breaks or data loss and with enormous time and cost savings, NET Build accompanies you throughout the entire construction phase.

You distribute the tasks at hand among the available resources and monitor the construction progress in real time.

Construction teams receive their work orders, report progress, their working hours and any overtime directly on their mobile device. Construction supervisors check and approve the reported work from their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Schedules are automatically updated from the mobile construction files. Adjustments to the schedule affect all subsequent activities.

  • Demarcation & Planning

    Tactical planning / deployment planning / preliminary costing
  • Project establishment

    Specifications & Standards / Planning handover & Updates / Quantities & BOM / Calculation & Quotations / Disposition / Contract management
  • Project management

    Budget management / Materials management / Permit management / Appointment management / Ticket management / Construction supervision
  • At the construction site

    Preparations / work orders & Disposition / field reporting / time recording / tickets / site security / iOS & Android
  • Reporting & Financial statements

    Project status reports / reconciliation of liabilities / reconciliation of receivables / wage reporting / analysis & forecasts / final report & documentation