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As a medium-sized company in the tele­commu­nications industry with 105 employees and over 25 years of experience, we are a renowned service provider in the German and inter­national broadband market. Our customers are inter­nationally active planning companies and network operators as well as strong regional public utilities and municipalities.

Our highly innovative software tools are used worldwide to plan and implement the fiber-optic-based commu­nication networks of the future. Our core business areas also include analysis, consulting, planning, tendering, construction and docu­mentation.



The right fibre-optic strategy for public clients and the housing industry.


Visualization of network construction projects saves time and money thanks to proprietary software.


Establishment of communication networks according to specifications or own conceptual planning.


A powerful software for the planning and management of fiber optic networks.

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Der Bebauungsplan für das Gelände des ehemaligen Flughafens Berlin-Tegel. Quelle: Macina

Nachhaltigkeit und Innovation sind die Leitthemen für Berlins neustes Städtebauprojekt – die Nachnutzung des Flughafens Berlin-Tegel. TKI ist mit Planungsleistungen dabei.

Im September ist TKI gleich auf zwei Events mit einem Messestand vor Ort. Besuchen Sie uns virtuell auf der FTTH Conference oder in London auf der Connected Britain.