Planning services in the field of
highway telematics

For the installation of line telecommunication cable systems, connected telematics systems and line stations on motorways, we take over the planning and construction supervision according to HOAI standards.

Telematics links telecommunications and information technology and ensures the connection of all information systems on motorways, e.g. emergency call columns, route stations of the traffic signalling systems, counting points, traffic influencing systems, dynamic signposting, tunnel control, operational radio stations, etc. to the traffic centres and motorway managers.

Since 1994, TKI has been able to look back on extensive experience with the planning of motorway route telecommunications systems in cooperation with motorway offices and directorates, state offices for road construction, DEGES and also in the course of PPP projects on many German motorways:

  • A 14 Magdeburg - Hall
  • A 4 Eisenach - Görlitz
  • A 71 AD Southern Harz - Schweinfurt
  • A 143 west bypass Halle
  • A 10 Berlin Ring
  • North Harz motorway A36 Braunschweig - Bernburg
  • Südharzautobahn A 38 Göttingen - Hall
  • Baltic motorway A 20 Lübeck - Stettin

TKI prepares the design and implementation planning, the tender documents and the service specifications. In addition, we take over the site management, site supervision, invoice verification and warranty control.

Our planning spectrum for motorways includes, among others

  • Copper cable systems with and without coils
  • Laying, retrofitting and extension of fibre optic cable systems
  • Cable systems with guaranteed reduction factor
  • Construction and equipment of cable houses, technical and operating rooms
  • Motorway emergency call systems and emergency call pillar locations
  • Cable relocations and temporary construction sites for fiber optic and copper cable systems
  • Digital transmission technologies (PDH, SDH, Ethernet, MPLS)
  • Cable monitoring and telecontrol technology
  • Analog and digital company radio stations; SDH microwave radio link
  • Parking guidance systems for trucks
  • Protective measures for inductive interference by high-voltage overhead lines
  • Connections to road stations of counting points, SWIS, GMA, SBA, VBA, dynamic signposting, w-LAN, video systems, BAG checkpoints, axle load scales, WC buildings, pumping stations, etc.

This spectrum is supplemented by the execution of services for locating, measuring and documenting cable systems in conventional plan books and in digital, GIS-based database systems, including the NET developed by TKI, as well as the testing and correction of documentation.

In cooperation with our electrical planners, we also carry out planning and monitoring services for electrical installations, e.g. in order to make the above-mentioned motorway telematics facilities accessible from an electrical point of view:

  • Lighting systems for car parks and service stations,
  • Energy cable networks on motorways,
  • Transformer stations,
  • Lightning protection systems, overvoltage protection,
  • UPS and emergency power supply systems.