Planning of
IT networks

For voice and data transmission as well as multimedia applications between or within buildings, we plan high-performance cable networks for you.

For the exchange of information on your premises, IT networks act as a medium for the data stream. They are therefore an important basis for the exchange between data processing systems.

We are happy to take over the new construction of your IT networks as your contact partner. We support you on all three levels of multifunctional, structured cabling. In the primary area we cable building parts or properties with fiber optic networks, the secondary area concerns the fiber optic connection of the distribution rooms in the building and in the tertiary area the connection of the individual computer workstations with the distributor is realized by copper cables Cat. 7. Customer-oriented products are always used.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of floor plans and wiring diagrams
  • Calculation of cable lengths and selection of transmission media
  • Selection of suitable cable types and connection components
  • Obtaining necessary civil engineering permits
  • constant consultation with the client and consideration of his needs
  • Acceptance measurement and control of transmission parameters
  • documentation
  • Construction of the entire network from a single source