NET Design is a comprehensive software package for highly automated planning with freely scalable planning rules based on mathematical optimization algorithms.

The result is a structural plan including an arithmetical, detailed cost overview.

NET Design supports export to publicy funded projects (GIS-Nebenbestimmung) for all phases and all versions.

Selected functions
and workflows

Optimized master planning

Highly automated, mathematically optimized structural planning saves time and costs


Scalable planning rules

Freely scalable planning rules enable quick comparison of various planning options

High degree of automation

Despite a high degree of automation, the planner can intervene manually at any stage

NET Design facilitates your work through a very high degree of automation, which saves you a lot of time and money. In addition, planning algorithms always ensure a consistently high quality of results.

  • Validation of the initial data for quality assurance purposes
  • Automated rough planning using mathematical optimization
  • Fast & simple cost comparison of different planning variants