NET Operations supports you in managing your network.

Use the routing to find and reserve free fiber paths and to connect them with services and the related customers. Apply the OTDR measurement to the network and have the fault visualized.

Selected functions
and workflows


Mapping of the fiber allocation enables a quick overview of the network utilization


Routing with various criteria supports the network marketing

Visualization of faults

Visualization of faults helps the technicians identify faults on site

Important functions and workflows in NET Operations:

  • Network route search with different criteria
  • Mapping of services and associated customers
  • Occupancy of the fiber network path with services
  • Removal of services from the fibre network path
  • Reporting on services by fiber path length and utilization
  • Recording of the malfunction via a workflow and reporting on the malfunctioning fibres and services
  • georeferenced visualization of the fault in the project
  • Billing of services according to different modes