PGP is the effektive connector between Autodesk® AutoCAD Map3D industry models and PostgreSQL.

By using the PostgreSQL open source database, which is well established on the market, you will save considerably on installation and administration costs.

Your system resources can be optimally utilized without license restrictions of the database.

The change from an Oracle database
is fast and easy

The optimal platform for the operation
of your geodata in an Open Source database


Create and use full-featured Autodesk® industry model. Benefit from the complete support of all basic functionalities such as topologies or blends. The familiar working environment is ensured by the integration of AutoCAD Map3D's own report generator.


PGP supports the functionalities of the Infrastructure Administrator. The PostgreSQL dumps can be imported and exported, ensuring data exchange. The support of the SQL sheet with its functions simplifies your existing workflows.


Work with the precise and correct representation of arcs. Take advantage of the comprehensive spatial extension without the need for additional license extensions. No additional client software is required to access the PostgreSQL database.

Safety and security

Provide guest industry models or guest roles by the security administrator in the usual way. PGP enriches your daily work routine with the extension for logging changes to data records.